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Hobbi Hong Kong
Hobby Classes Platform

The UGP Group brings you, the platform where you can find language, dance, music from the east or west, arts, sports & cooking classes in different places in Hong Kong.

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DrinkOrdr in Chinese
Jotting drink delivery order in 21st century.

Do you ever think there's a hassle to write down everything whenever you're ordering coffee or bubble tea? Well, here's the app for that!

One more reason for NOT using pen and paper, especially when you don't have one on you!

Available on Google Play & Apple app store.

Distributed by Pixelium on iOS platform

DrinkOrdr the App

Web shop seller's despatch assistant

Painkiller for small-scale online store operators or SOHO ebayers' logistic headache! "¡Despatch!" is a web-based application and Mobile App that helps you to manage despatching, tracking and logging your outbound parcels on desktop, on your tablet and on your phone.

"¡Despatch!" is a project collbrated with local book publisher Pixelium Company.

¡Despatch! on iPhone

Syndication of freelance developers

Web and mobile developers and professionals in the industry at your service - in non-office hours. (wink)